Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Me so bored!

Yes I am again bored. But I have an idea to end my boredom!

Because of the sheer magic of Voice Over IP and since I've got a german sipgate account sitting around doing nil at the minute you are more than welcome to join my answerphone challenge!

My challenge is to make the silliest answerphone message possible, anything at all for no particular reason and leave it on one of the numbers below. Mind the greeting on the answerphone is german so it'll say something like "Blahen blahen blaneh, sipgate, blahen blahen null drei null....".

The numbers are:

UK: 0870 340 0076
US: 360 515 4421
DE: 030 868 704 811
Intl: +49 30 868 104 811
Sip: 8704811(!at)sipgate.de

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