Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Modification of the style to add increased traffic for bukkake.

Well, I've found my solution to the MadSquirrels.com connundrum. I want people to visit MadSquirrels.com to see my journal, but I also want to keep using LJ. So they way I made this work is my new style through the magic of the S1 style system.

It gets new visitors to either add me as a friend or view my journal through MadSquirrels.com. This means my posts can be seen on everybodys friends list still, commenting stays as normal and nothing really changes in that sense and my posts then become a part of MadSquirrels.com rather than ruinning two seperate 'sites'.

My next trick is to create a Mambo Component instead of using the JS include, this'll make all my posts static content on MadSquirrels.com, then that way the search bots will include it in search results with the MadSquirrels.com site.

Although it does mean I need to keep my language safe on my LJ posts or else Google AdSense will go ape over the 'excessive use of foul language'.

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