Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Yesterday sucked, today is better.

Last night I managed to get Grimnir back to the land of the living by 4am, it was painful since ES took away Fedora 3 and Fedora 2 was being a knob (and so was the cpanel installer) so I'm not using Fedora anymore, which is a bit of a pitty since if they had done their business NEXT week I could have had a good excuse to move to Fedora 4. But c'est la vie.

Although, I must say in hindsight it was rather good not minding the whole everything being deleted business since by switching OSes I've managed to solve my passive ftp problem. HUZZAH!

However, last night was really shockingly bad. First I had this happen, then when I went to the petrol station to get late night f1x0r1ng snacks the poxy cash point didn't take my card, so I had to go around three or four shops (all of which were closed) before giving up.

So I had to get my bits today at Sainsburys. It's not as nice as it sounds. I managed to only have about 3-4 hours sleep (and I feel fine) and then I hit the mid day horror of the car park and inside. Thankfully I ran down about 7 people with my trolly and escaped with my items in about 10 minutes. WIN!

At the minute MadSquirrels.com is coming back online, albeit from a back up from the 8th. Plunder.it is going to be a fresh install as the 1337 h4x0r used a vuln in the plunder.it forums so I'm not sure what they may have wrote in the directories (I know what I found) or in the database, so I'm going to have to hope Jonfishkin did a sql table update recently, otherwise it's manual work for all.

Other than that I've posted a rather evil message on the ex-forum site since I'm annoyed. Jon put alot of good work in to Plunder.it only to have it ruined by some little yob with nothing better to do than bang one out over phpbb exploits. This is one of those times I wish I had magical powers to appear right behind the little toss rag and smash away with my Karma Axe™ then vanish away (after selling the corpse on ebay to some necrophiliacs for some after-life sodomy).

I've taken a break from this interweb stuff for a bit today and watched telly, consumed crisps like the fat bastard I am and played Destroy All Humans, which was nice, nothing like ripping the brains from fleeing masses brings an odd relaxation effect.

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