Кевин (mmn) wrote,

No way.

Just got off the phone with Norwich Union about their Pay As You Drive Scheme and it turns out my payments would be around £360 a YEAR rather than Direct Line's whopping £600.

I've just spoke to Direct Line and there isn't a cancellation fee, all I need to do is send back the motor insurance certificate with a cover letter and it'll be done.

So on Tuesday I'm going to take up Norwich Union's quote, with my deposit of £13.08 and it's pay monthly since you're doing it on a pay as you go basis, which works out to be about £32 a month.

Also seeing as all of my driving is done between 6am and 11pm I get my milage rate for 3.5p/mile for 100 miles to 500 (the first 100 are free) then down to 1.5p/mile for 500+. Although night-time rates are astronomical since it's when my age group tend to crash, so thats £1/mile between 11pm and 6am, which is fair enough. The box is also, slightly, classified as a tracker unit since that's what it's got to do to bill you.

And they install it too. CLASS.

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