Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Everything is done and dusted. I get the paper work through for the insurance over the next few days, it will come with all the glorious details of the tariffs and to my shock I found my base premiums to be £120/year (fully comp), plus usage (which as estimated will bring about £20ish per month on top of the £10 base).

I've now got to wait for the installer chaps to get in touch and arrange the install date and time for my Big Brother box (which I got for FREE rather than the £199 on the price tag), I've also got to send the cancellation letter off to Direct Line on Monday with a cancellation date of the 4th of November.

Hopefully they'll send the confirmation of NCD or else I'm buggered.

In other car news, my service is going to be £70 (plus anything required) and my tax expires at the end of Decemeber, nice timing that.

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