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Two things, one with blood, the other without.

My poor thumb is bleeding something crazy. Whilst cutting a sandwich I managed to pull off a chunk of flesh and it hasn't stopped bleeding. Although i think it's getting better now, the swelling feeling has stopped, so i'll take that as one of those good signs.

One think that fucked me off slightly was the plasters i bought, you see instead of being pre-cut in to nice plaster things, it's just one long strip. So imagine the fun of having to cut one off without scissors and bleeding too. Nice. I also found that when trying to clean the wound with water causes an extreme pain reaction. I shan't be doing that again anytime soon.

In better news though Aldis are gods, i noticed in this month's flyer that they're doing a 500 block lego bucket for £7.99. I'm buying one since i can never find them anymore. It appears the children of today are too thick to be creative so they only sell sets that make some Harry Potter shit at £45 a whack. Bless.

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