Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I've been thinking about doing a podcast, the idea I have is to set-up a number with just a voicemail and each week ask a new question (or some kind of topic, whatever) to have callers respond to then podcast the messages.

Obviously I'd need people to actually want to ring the number and partake. And with the magic of VoIP I could even get some kind of American number set up if there was a north american interest. But it's still in the 'hmm, well...' stage.

Would anybody on my friends list be interested in such a thing? If so (for those in the UK) what kind of number would you feel comfortable calling? A regional (likely Bath - 01225), Non-Geographic (0845/0844/0870) or a mobile number [freephone is out of the question, unless there was the interest to warrant the 6 month line rental and usage]?

Also would anybody be interested in listening to potentially crazy people talk shit for a couple minutes, or even sane people not talking shit?

Would you pass the number on to others (and hopefully the url!) to ring up and contribute?

Seriously, I am considering it. I do have the means (I can easily get audio editing software), I do have the bandwidth and I do have the space, but this scheme wouldn't be any good unless people were interested in such a thing.

Do let me know in a comment and thoughts, ideas, etc.

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