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Good things are coming. I hope.

First off I found Three have changed their My 3 thingy to do something rather useful. Not only can you pay through your phone but it's got a current usage section where you can check your spending (ie: excluded texts, mms, emails and content downloads) which is cool.

Also, I've subscribed (and am currently downloading retroactively) two or three new podcasts which I heard through MikeyPod on the Bayou hopefully they'll be interesting like. Also I'd like to hear of some good podcasts from Englishland even Scotishland, Irishland (both north and south) and possibly the land of Dragons (Wales) but not in Dragon people talk, in English talk. As I'm slightly overwhelmed by American accents.

In other good news the NRK Urørt podcast seems to be rather promising now. Oh my poor computer will be over run with Podcasts at this rate. Thankfully though my CD collection is rather dismal and my credit on AllofMp3.com has run dry (speaking of running dry I'm sure the music nazis will be sending me some kind of "OMG U PAYE" letter after posting that).

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