Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Oh BBC News you bring me the best stuff EVAR.

Driving the argument home.

The line truely defines the 4x4 driver regardless of what and where they are:
"A driver of a 4x4 didn't so much disapprove - he was too crazed and violent for that. He seemed to be made psychotic by the idea that roads could exist for anything other than him to drive on," he says.

This motorist deliberately drove into pieces of the living room furniture and then called the council to demand that they shift whatever was left lying in the road.

Oddly enough this line caught me off guard:
But female drivers were less sympathetic and more aggressive, with a stronger "get out of my way attitude".

I've only had a few near smashes with ladies, one almost flew in the back of me whilst rolling a ciggie and the others were old dears not paying attention to their surroundings. But the more agressive ones seemed to be men (such as Mr. Finger), or possibly they were ladies who looked like men. We'll never know.

However, just read it for some WTFLOLZ factor.

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