Кевин (mmn) wrote,

You bastard.

I've got to take a trip in to work tomorrow seeing as I've managed to leave my charger there over the weekend. How annoying and the battery is nearly flat.

I've also *had* to buy two Gorillaz tracks from Three because I'm financially strained until next month (oh things are so easy to buy when they come out of next month's money) and because the bastard songs are driving me crazy going through my head all bloody day. Now I await the dual download passwords.

And strangely last night some daft cow thought I was staring at her all night and slagged me off to a few of her mates, I was very much tempted to verbally slap her about with my wit. But I had a little to drink and it was hampered. Damn.

Although I should have at least walked up to her and said "Why the fuck have you been staring at me all night you creepy bitch? Every time I look somewhere your munting face suddenly appears. You need help and some plastic surgery."

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