Кевин (mmn) wrote,

My brains.

I was so drunk last night and I don't do it often so I feel like POO.

I switched between lager, wine, lager and ended (literally) with cider, bad move.

I sung the song of vom(it) and I sent in coherent texts, by the time mountain_hiker sent me a message I was so far gone I could only manage one word drunk.

But at least it's a new year I'll remember to not drink myself stupid EVAR again. Next year, er, this year, I'm driving.

Also I've been working on Plastic Robot when I can, I've abused the multi-site function with the cms software too, its WUNDERBAR! I've also had to assign it a dedicated ip address from grimnir's pool of few so if you visit the ip address direct you get a site selector for UK, Belgium & South Africa. Then there is the downloadable media site which I've got to upload and add content to. Hooray!

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