Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Americans go to fucking Disneyland instead.

I've had sometime to sit down and think of all the nice people I saw in Londonland.

Most, nay, all were Americunts. Americunts aren't Americans, they are lower than your average inbred Alabamian.

Some of the classics included a woman at the Jewel House (Tower of London) bitching about "how she doesn't do attractions" and "if this film (disney queue management style) is all we see then she wanted to leave". I was so close to telling her to fuck back off to Disneyland if she couldn't have the decency to respect what history is being shoved down her big fucking gob and take a moment to shut up so the rest of us could enjoy the video's information about what we're about to see.

Then there was the American family who commented in full view of the Royal Jewels how the moving walkway was the most innovative thing they saw in the Jewel House. I nearly strangled him and shat down his mouth.

There were some less irritating people, like the woman who asked why we (the massive hordes exiting from the tube station) were going to Buckingham Palace. In hindsight I should have told her the Queen had just died and we were making our respects.

I've got a few photos wich I'm still meaning to post, but I didn't take any in the London dungeon, which I should have, since I enjoyed it alot (for £15 a head), mostly because of the performance of the actors there.

More stuff later. And if you haven't already seen it, Gin & Beer are the best thing EVAR.

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