Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Fun days.

Today has been busy. Busy at work that is.

When I got home (after battling a 3 mile queue and taking some dodgy country routes thanks to the TomTom assisting in my queue avoidance), I have so far only done boring things like cook.

However, two even more boring items have been done upon my arrival home.

The first being I activated automatic top-up with my local telecommunications provider so my account will be re-credited with £10 once my balance goes under £5. My current balance being £5.09 which has lasted me a good, er, three months. That'll teach them for not charging line rental. HA. (Information: that 9p before I tip over to a re-credit will last me 8 minutes to a 01/02 number, 20 seconds to a mobile or one sms voicemail alert).

The second most boring thing I've done tonight is find that my local telecommunications provider has an status indicator. So I added it to my contact info page.

I am indeed boring as flock.

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