Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Oh boo. I've run out of rather expensive couplings for a sample request, well at least my position here isn't questioned so I'll go grab some out of stock before the paperwork even hits the printer. But don't tell anybody.

In other news this week has been depressing, my supervisor had a bit of family stuff so the tone was rather somber and then on monday one of the blokes we some what* work with died of a heart attack. So it's been one of them weeks.

Now I must go and collect my shopping from the warehouse.

(* we worked with him when we needed any special stuff done like display boards and items cut and occasionally he'd pop over here to chat or grab a Tarts (Twins) calendar - if you're in the UK and like twin ladies with large whambos let me know and I'll post one to you.)

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