Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Uh right.

I've got to buy a new exhaust tomorrow, I was planning on taking my time and shopping around but it's a fucking Kiwk Fit job now.

I noticed that it had become exceedingly worse this evening so it's a must do before the fucking thing falls off, so that's probably going to be £100/150 down the hole, I HOPE the bearing on the wheel will hold out until next pay day as I didn't expect the exhaust to pack it in this quickly. I'm still yet to fit in this service (which is 10,000 miles late).

In other news, I won nothing at the Bingo, it was fun though. But the best thing about not winning is that I won nothing and wasn't apart of this "Lets all share our winnings because the majority says so" bollocks, only one person won, she won a total of £70, her return on this group winning was:


(€12.75 for the Americans [as I refuse to use American Dollars in defiance of your country!]
436 рублевки поэтому _marussia_ имеют некоторую идею полнаяа сумма)


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