Кевин (mmn) wrote,

cPanel Update.

Hooray it's back online.

I got through to the woman in the billing department, I was ready for a big style fall out, but she explained what had happened was a cancellation came through, she emailed me to try and find out if it was legitimate.

But the gauntlet that mailshell & google had put up to stop my spam problem ate it up and shat it out a backdoor somewhere, so I never received it.

So the poor woman was in a bit of a pickle, she either canceled the licence or not, either way I was going to be on the phone and she had a 50/50 chance of getting it wrong. So she did what I'd do, she canceled it.

But it's all been re-instated and everything is back up. I've also created a bypass account to allow any email they send to avoid the dangers that is the spam hole.

The wonderful thing is my downtime was minimal, Grimnir checks the validity of the licence every morning at 4am when does it's maintinence and sifts through the logfiles for the day, on the 15th at 4am GMT the licence was valid, so when it was canceled at 5PM West Cost American time Grimnir was blissfully unaware.

This morning, it checked and was told off by the licence server, so it did it's logfiles, updates, etc and then disallowed access to the customer facing side and administration for users other than root (I never use the root account for anything unless I have to). So after I got off the phone with her, she put the licence back on cpanel's main licencing thingy, I rebooted grimnir to force a check and voila, it's up again!

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