Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I've had to create a new blog, it appears some co-workers know of my internet existance and watch my e-movements. They don't know I like to drop anchor in Poo Bay and I'd like to keep it that way as I work with plebs (well they're all not plebs, but some of them indeed are of the well below average intelligence).

So to prevent me being run out of town with a lynch mob in tow I created NuBlog to allow my posts to be public and hidden from the evil GoogleBot from sucking it up with my name (HA!).

So view it at your leisure or not, it doesn't matter since I'm still going to use my LJ regularly, this other one is for things I want to post publically but without the hasle of any comeback at my place of work.

The url(s) are either http://mrbojangles.wordpress.com/ or http://www.mr-bojangles.uk.cx/ and the RSS feed is here: http://mrbojangles.wordpress.com/feed/.

p.s. I blame society for this. Now where's my government money?

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