Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Plastic Robot

I had a brilliant idea, too brilliant in fact.

I'm building the new set for M Seven (web site up at some point tomorrow. Basically, it's a top of the pops style music programme without Fern Cotton and crappy pop and humans.

With the power of stop motion, a £30 smoke machine, a few spare lights and some dodgy MP3s I will make my music programme with alien creatures. Imagine ABBA performed by a creature with 10 legs and only an eyeball for a head. YES IT WILL BE BRILLIANT.

I need to get the set done, which will be this weekend. I've got to steal, er, borrow some boxes for work to make a background with and print up some A4 TV7 logos so I can cover certain angles on my mini set. I've also found three halogen lights that were bound for the skip at work, so I got to get those here too and set those in place so my "lighting rig" is slightly better than it is now.

I'm going to do some website photos in a bit when the camera is finished recharging.

Then I need to create an array of creatures so I need to hit the toy/art supplies shops in Swindon to get more plasticine to make them more bulky than usual and I've got some flux to use as a skeleton so the movement is easier than before.

Also, I need suggestions for music, I've got a brilliant idea for some 70s disco hits (thinking of some diva-esque mutant creature) but if you have any other styles (rock, rap, etc) to suggest I'd love to hear them (and if you have the mp3 email in and I'll give you instructions to submit the file) as there is no doubt I'll miss something good.

The email address is: mseven@tv7.co.za.

(note: it's a .co.za domain for two reasons, tv7.anything is taken by somebody and it cost me four quid a year to register)

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