Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I'm beginning to get annoyed with NatWest. My card was vaccumed up in to a cash point on Saturday because it got stuck and I passed the "reasonable amount of time to remove it, therefore we've had to retain it" (to quote the cash point). Fine, so they sent a new card by RMSD, I got it and it doesn't fucking work as a Solo card and the bank are swearing blindly that COMPUTER SAY ALL WORKING! even though yesterday it was spat at by the point of sale terminal in Morrisons, 3 won't register it as it's "not a valid card number" and PayPal have registered it but can't charge it.

It's just fucking bollocks. Now at lunch I have to see if it works at a cash point, if it does then on friday when my pay drops in I'm sending a letter demanding them to cover the £1.75 the cash point at the petrol station charges (seeing as I desperately need to fill up and not drive around all morning looking for a bank's free cash point) and then I've got to find the closest cash point to my dentists (on monday) to pull out £150 in cash (I don't quite like the idea of that) to pay for my work.

If it doesn't work in a cash point, then I'm just going to fucking TWIST. They always find the worst times to fuck shit up cunting pricks.

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