Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Humanity I cry for you.

The Hemel address does not exist, after getting no reply regarding the awlful service , the terrible call centers ( I have phoned them over 25 times had 4 new phones as it is not the service it is the phone???)Anyways I went to Hemel to see a human face to sort out the problems, the address there goes straight to the Hemel sorting office it is then forwarded to Glasgow, from here it is ignored. I have been fighting this company for over 6 months, as I speak I am meant to be getting a call from one of their technical staff regarding how they are going to compensate me for my time, cost of new stationary to replace old number with new O2 one ( wish I had gone with them in the first place reliable and polite) loss of business (approx £15,000) phone calls,postage, paying people to wait in for phones to be picked up for repair, still waiting nearly 4 months later, I have this persons name and will publish it along with several others if they do not keep their word.

And the address this man was going to was:
PO Box No 333
Hemel Hempstead

God. What kind of people live on this planet? And where does he get this OMG PAY 4 STATIONARY AND MY LOSS OF BUSINESS I DO BUSINESS, £15,000!!!111

I know I'm on my white horse over the bank, but I'm doing it out of sheer spite but even I wouldn't come out with "PAY FOR MY PAPER AND LOST BUSINESS £80,000!!!111".


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