Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I've re-activated my Alien Tamagotchi. On this encarnation I shall be feeding it to make it happy, no play just cake. So far after being 3 days old it's 94lbs, I am most amused.

I think it'll turn in to a squid or something, but I've never really been able to get any of them past 8 days without dying of neglect.

Also, thankfully, the angel tamagotchi I bought a few years back has completely died off (batter went flat) so I'll never have to put up with it again. That is the most demanding cow of an electronic pet, it always wanted something and never left you alone. My alien on the other hand is perfectly fine and only needs something once every 8 hours or so.

In other less important news, I need to update aol.cx to reflect my new idea for it. Instead of it being all about ME I shall open it up and allow others to participate in their love of all that is alien based science fiction. So far I'm having problems with mailhandler for drupal. I might have downloaded the wrong one as it works on kevin.uk.cx.

Once I get that working I can set-up aol.cx by text which will allow users to post to the forum and their blog through a mobile. But I need that mailhandler script to make it work.

If anybody is remotely interested in trying out nuaol.cx register here then leave a comment here and I'll put together your account permissions.

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