Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Magic Roundabout = Devil's Nipple

Bloody TomTom decided today of all days at around 1pm to take me on a nice trip through Swindon, I thought oh right, well you know best. Well it didn't know best as it decided to take me through the famous Magic Roundabout, the biggest most fucking horrible roundabout in the entire land. And seeing as it was Saturday afternoon it was rammed.

What a bastard. At least I made it out ALIVE.

In other news, NatWest can still lick my balls and also Cineworld can too. It appears that I couldn't get the unlimited card at east Swindon as they're being taken over and to rub salt in the wound if I booked the ticket online I would have saved £2 (inc booking fee), gits.

And Slither was a rather good film, it was worth a chance at a firey death at the hands of the magic roundabout to go and see. And so are my new trainers, they're quite good at half price (score at £17.49! rrp £35ish).

Finally, I await a phone call about tomorrow evening. I am most busy.

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