Кевин (mmn) wrote,


This week has almost entirely been devoted to Canada. Hooray!

I've been getting in touch with people I know to make arrangements and those who live outside of the area are getting my attention for the first week (and you better like it too).

So far I've arranged to see some family in the middle of nowhere, I've harassed epona_dru about wantons and have informed her that she's going to be my passenger on Sunday the 4th since I need somebody to read maps since TomTom don't do Canada maps and I'm too skint to afford them now even if they did.

I've also been on the phone to other people out that way and companies. Next thing I need to do is get a parking permit (WTF) for the week I've got the car as it turns out the place I'm staying is in a shit parking area and the neighbours (and parking wardens) don't take kindly to "ENGLISH DRIVER: THIS IS A HIRE CAR, YOUR PARKING LAWS MAKE NO SENSE TO ME" style notes either. Gits.

I've got to, somehow. arrange this to be done on the day I get the car as you need the registration documents (WTF), number plate and other stuff to get a permit. I'll have to call them up and demand they tell me how to get it before I get the car or else I'm a bit stuffed as I don't know where there is a parking garage near that city hall place they demand I go to. Plus It'll be my first day, so no doubt where ever there is parking, there will be something as nasty as the Magic Roundabout there to scare the living daylights out of me (as if right hand turn on red made even the most remote sense to me now!).

In other news, my 3 mobile is coming with me, but I won't be taking calls from it, I can only really afford to send and receive texts and media messages. But I will have my United Mobile phone for calls as it's only €0.59/min (plus I've found a callback agent thing to make out bound calls for the price of the (united mobile) inbound call + their rate ($0.142/min) so it's rather cost effective than £1.20/minute.

For those in the UK who have any interest in getting a hold of me while I'm away I'll be posting a message to my LJ with the details closer to the time. And same for those in Canadastan, I'll have more local details for you since I'm going to play with the vonage call forwarding settings on my line.

edit: Note to any elected offical, this page doesn't help me at all. It makes me worried. Seriously, London driving is one thing, but add that to ALL THE SHERMAN TANK SIZED CARS YOU HAVE THERE AND IT'S MY WORST NIGHTMARE. Kthnx.

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