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Had a bit of a panic earlier, I was checking my car reservation in Canadastan and I had a look at the "EXTRA FEES PAYABLE LOCALLY" I already know of the "HEY YOUNG DRIVER DROP YOUR KECKS AND TAKE IT UP THE WRONGUN" fee, but then I read the bit about passengers and had a bit of a "oh shit" moment as I could have up to 2 other people in the car at any given time over the hire period. So I rang them up and queried what the cost is and the bloke said "you're covered for a specific amount ($1m CAD) but that will cover you to about 1, maybe 2 people depending on the claim. Any aditional people you want to cover is $6 a day." Which is good since I shouldn't cause too much dammage and if I've got lucky number 3, I'm dragging them from the debris and claiming it was a mugging gone wrong. Huzzah!

I also queried the IDP, the AA says "GET ONE GIVE US MONEY" the RAC say "PSSSH DON'T BOTHER" the bloke on the phone said "UK OK" two against one, AA lose.

I now need to get travel insurance for my stay as I'm sure they day you don't is the day you get hit by something big and seeing as EVERYTHING in North America is HUGE it isn't exactly on the lower end of the "shit that might happen" luck scale.

And finally, to my 419 it's looking a bit grim on being able to see your wedding thing as I'd no doubt have the US authorities send a drug dog up my jacksie as a result of my less than 24 hour stay and I'm not sure of the visa shit since I might have one of the magic visa waver passports, then again, I might not. And I've also got to be back in Toronto next day by 3pm. So it's pushing the scales, but I'll see what I can pull off when I'm there as I might have the dosh for a two day car which would help matters.

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