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Provident Personal Credit

I've seen an advert on the telly for Provident Personal Credit (for loans up to £500 repayable with your SOUL®). Now seeing as I've seen them on Watchdog once or twice I figured I might as well see what they're nasty APR rate is.

I was beyond shocked when I saw they're charging 177% APR! Seriously and the bastards knock down your door every week for X easy payments of something so small it would take you years to repay.

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, no wonder the poor are in so much debt when you have sharks like these swimming around freely. I'd be more inclined on borrowing from the Mob, at least with them you know they'll break your legs if you miss a payment rather than this lot who will probably offer you another loan.

note: I'm not considering a loan at all, this visit to their website was out of interest, so no financial advice plz.