Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I just had one of those 'lips move, no thought' moments where you say stuff you probably shouldn't. But this time it was well deserved.

I was chatting with the receptionist (Joy) since I had nothing to do and of course pausing when she had a call, therefore all is good in the working world. But then the General Office woman comes in and says (as if she's in some kind of authority [well other than wrapping her lips around the IT directors knob that is]) "CAN WE HELP YOU? Or are you just passing time".

At that my razor sharp wit kicked in before brain could say "MY GOD MAN NO!" and I came out with "yeah, I'm just chatting with Joy" and resumed my conversation.

Joy and her counter part (I don't know her name) were almost crying until the witch left the reception area, not realising that I've just given the cow a verbal head shot I looked at them as if they were crazy, until of course the other girl pipped up with "nobody does that, she's such a bitch with people" and of course brain still switched off I respond "well in the scheme of things she's a nobody" I bet she was hovering around the door and clocked that one. Nevermind it needed to be said.

After another few minutes I wrapped up my convo and got back to, uh, well nothing.

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