Кевин (mmn) wrote,

North America = Scary.

I hate to say this, but honestly, after 5 hours I wanted to be back in England. I can't explain why but I did.

I've calmed down now and don't mind it so much. Porbably because I'm streaming telly from home. Which reminds me, 4pm I need to watch Big Brother.

I can't stand Toronto telly, it's shockingly shite. I'm not sure about the radio though but I expect it's similar.

I'm going to pop out later in the nice rain which is cooling off the weather (seriously it's hotter than oz).

Uh whatelse. The mobile won't send MMS, but it doesn't matter as I've got my camera and docking station with me, tomorrow I'll take some snaps of the car pick up assuming it all goes to plan. I've bought my temp permit and I scammed the woman in to giving me an extra day instead of charging me for an additional week. Toronto City Council = pwnd.

Uh, whatelse. Well I spent a few sheets today, mostly on a taxi. I was indending on taking a bus but the weather was so hot and I was getting angsty about big metal boxes so I opted out of the bus. I shall though be using it on my way back to Toronto Airport.

I've slapped on about £7 in texts to various people and uh, well, £5 in calls, one being a text that managed to turn in to a voice call (WTF) and I couldn't access 07782 333123 from here (obviously dialling it correctly in the Canadian way) so that was £3 in a wasted call (had to do it over my mobile instead of through a calling card) and a couple incoming calls.

Oh and I think that BT phone box took a tenner off my card. I'll find out in a few days.

Well I'm also abusing the local line and local calls are FREE and calls to mobiles are FREE so it shan't be noticed. I shall update more soon. Good 'morrow.

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