Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Oh buggery

It appears contrary to 3's promises of a semi-useful service whilst abroad, their voicemail has exploded and decided to bork out big style.

So when you call my mobile, although I don't pay for voicemail redirection, all you'll get is their 'to leave a message for somebody press 1 or to check your messages press 2" very handy when you're expecting a call from an agency about a job. Bastards.

Today I think I might have managed a sun burn just under my eyes, although it might also be a heat rash as a sun burn is unexplainable seeing as it was only sunny for about an hour when I got here and during that time I was only out in the open for 10 minutes at most. As well as it starting to flare up at 7am this morning rather than last night when it got dark (as is what happens with burns).

Also, in less paletable news, I have the shits big style. Here they like their sugar and highly rich foods which my body can't take, so it's spattering bisto out the other end, yum. Yesterday as well I had a tin of 'iced tea' after finishing it I almost chundered down the street in style as it was filled with so much sugar it was nausiating (first ingredient was sugar, second glucose (ie sugar)).

Now I've got to wait until about half ten to go and pick up the motor, I'm excited yet SCARED as the rules of the hire agreement say "bring it back on an empty tank" this means it'll probably be dry and I'll get a mile out of it, which isn't helpful as I don't know where the closest petrol forecourt is.

Oh and when I got in yesterday turns out to be the best time EVAR, 1 hours after I landed all hell broke loose with the weather and it went slightly mad, especially for this woman who will probably win millions on the lottery.

That is all for me now. I've taken like four photos which I'll post up later along with some more from today.

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