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So uh, I have a $50 note I can't get rid of, it looks like I might have to buy some crack to get change from it as obviously only drug dealers will accept it. Gits.

I've been watching BBC News through the Sling Box again, THANK GOD IT MAKES ME SANE. The news here is horribly un-professional and full of un-witty banter. I haven't heard anything on the local box about this massive terror raid though.

Right now I'm *TRYING* to upload a number of photos I've taken today. I've got 2 important ones of my nan and her "retirement village", no seriously, they call it a village. It's a scary place, but she's not too fussed with it as she gets the help she needs when she needs it and she runs away (well wheelchairs away) when she gets bored. She was pretty class about it slagging off the other residents. Score.

Although, one chap who had obviously had an atom bomb of a stroke started to randomly talk complete bollocks to me, it was hard to blow him off since it's not really his fault his heart went bang and fucked him up. I then had the same conversation with him a further 3 times. But that was a new experience, I didn't take many photos inside as I'm not too sure how the nurses would take it and they looked up for a fight too, so I didn't push it. The two photos I have are of outside (1) and my nan in her room (1). btw, upload: 19%.

Also, it appears my driving is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. As is taught on British roads you don't quite stop, you slow down to a crawl and proceed if clear or stop if not. But here you have to stop regardless, to which I haven't done at all. Oops. I've also broke the golden rule of don't pass a tram when it stops. I blew past one but the doors didn't open until after I passed, but still I'm told depending on the rozza it could have been a big style face slap.

I've also been protesting the speed limits. I was driving to Port Credit on the Lakeshore West Blvd, don't be fooled by the name though, at points it's 6 lanes. The maximum speed on most of it is 60kph (40mph) what utter fuck bollocks in the UK it would be a 70 road, so I did 70kph which brought my speed up to around 45/50. And on other parts it was 30mph, which was completely bizzare.

I have encountered a big problem with the car today seeing as I was outside of the city gridlock, it appears with an automatic car if you need a bit of speed fast (like about to go up an incline, or trying to get out of a junction before the aber light goes red) the car spacks out and won't click back in to a suitable gear for 3 seconds, which of course isn't any fucking use and also really fucking scary when it lurches forward when it finally gets around to going back in to gear.

So we'll see how it handles on the Gardner Express Way tomorrow when I blast it up to 70-80mph, I mean, um, the limit of 100kph (60mph). Oh and they fucking forgot to tell me that on my trip to Burlington on sunday will be seriously fucked up because the motorway (gardner express way) is closed for some walking shit. NOT AMUSED. I'm told I'll have to use Lakeshore to go to Oakville and then join at Trafalgar Road, this is of course assuming I don't get lost. (upload: 29% - this is ssssssllllloooooooowwwww).

Well for now, until I get the photos up, you'll have to wait until my next post to see my photos. KBI.

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