Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Because my nu-old phone has started to protest about being charged up (LOL CHARG FAIL!!11) I'm switching over to my old-old-old-nu phone which hasn't got any of the recent contacts.

So I would be most appreciated if you'd fill in this poll with your details which I shall stick on my ONLINE contacts thingy as it's completely obvious something else will go wrong and my computer will explode in an effort to ruin my social life.

edit: The full name field isn't to be taken too seriously much like somebody with the following initials has done: T A H M S F. First name and surname are fine anything inbetween the two can be ignored (unless you want to type it in to my phone of course).

Poll #761811 LOL DED FONE/Contacts

Full Name

Home Number

Mobile Number



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