Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Blow your mat fat all over this.

LJ has again shat upon my email post

Ok, what a dirty, dirty subject, but it just came to me and I had to use it or I would be punished by the universe.

Things that have gone right: I finally received my cheque for £54.26 from my pention as I got the boot from this joint shortly after signing up, therefore pention with them = bad investment (as I've got another one with my previous employer and my NI opt-out is going in to them). NatWest of course will take 70-800 days to clear the cheque.

I've also found a solution to my phone problem, this LG is rubbish pants crap and the battery needs charging every 30 seconds (as was the trend with early 3G phones) so I've found a ThreePay Motorola RAZR from Car Whore Warehouse for £120ish (£219 direct from Three) but it's out of stock. When it comes in stock and I have the dosh I'll get it and have an unoffical upgrade.

Things that haven't: My car was on a stall spree yesterday, serious stall spree, which means that service I should have had done 20,000 miles ago is starting to become one of those things that must happen very soon. Although I suspect it might have something to do with the weather, my slag of a car doesn't like extremes and tells me about it by PMTing on me.

Also I need to get the two front tyres replaced, I've gone down past the little marker in the centre of the tyre which indicates "HEY BUDDY ANY MORE OF THIS AND THEY'LL BE ILLEGAL" so that'll be done at the end of next month (I still have loads of tread on them which will stay legal for another 2-3 months with my current driving patterns).

Generally vague things: Once my financial situation re-stabilises from my jaunt abroad I shall be using my extra £100 a month and putting it in to my new Capital One savings account with a nice interest rate for everything from £1 to, uh, more than I'll ever have, instead of this shitty esavings account with NatWank (which only gives me like 0.00000000000000000056%) it'll also mean I can't transfer money out with such ease as I can do with NatWank. And when I make a suitable amount of savings I'll use it to clear off my old MasterCard and take a chunk out of my loan (hopefully).

And to finish this, only FOUR of you have filled in my desperate attempt to reclaim all my numbers(http://madsquirrel.livejournal.com/668989.html), therefore, when I take over the world and rule it with an iron fist I shall "re-employ" you all as slaves and not the kind of slave in a porn film, oh no, we're talking proper slavery in the antartic. I'm not sure what you'll be slaving over in the antartic but when I become crazy from my power no doubt I'll figure something overly dramatic and utterly pointless to build there.

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