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I fucking hate this place. I was in this office lottery thing which collapsed in on itself and then was sorted out, of course not being in the main office I didn't know this and nobody said anything at all and just assumed I dropped out.

It turns out the last two weeks my winning number was picked and that would have been £80 in winnings WHICH I REALLY QUITE NEED NOW but I'm up shit creek without a paddle as they dumped me out of it.

I hate this place 800 fold more than I did 3 minutes earlier.

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Hey there

On my recent post, you said you would like to enter my Hot or Not competition. There are 20 entrants and I hope to have it running for the weekend.

If you could please either reply to this with a facepic or a link to a facepic or email me a facepic (including your username)then I'd appreciate it.

My email is:

As I said, I'll only reveal the results of the highest 10 scoring people but I'll privately tell people how they scored if they failed to make the cut.

I will likely edit the pics to a standard size of around 200x200 pixels.

Thanks a lot and good luck :)

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