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Dear Red Bull Air Race Ticket Holder,

Thank you for purchasing a vehicle ticket for this year's Red Bull UK Air Race at Longleat on Saturday 2nd September.
Fingers crossed it should be a lovely sunny day with plenty of things to do and see, so bring along the family (and friends if you have the room in your car!) and enjoy the event.

On the matter of your ticket, we just wanted to let you know that we have not yet dispatched any tickets for a number of security reasons. We can confirm that tickets will start to go out from the beginning of August and they will be dispatched in batches sorted by the date of purchase (i.e. the earlier you purchased your ticket the earlier it will be sent out.)

ALL tickets will be dispatched by first class post from our London office by Friday 18th August at the very latest, leaving two full weeks for delivery. However, it is our intention that the majority of tickets will be dispatched and received before that date.

So please don't worry that you have not received your ticket yet.
We guarantee that you will receive it well before the day of the event.

Best regards
Christian Heath
Red Bull Air Race Ticketing Manager

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