Кевин (mmn) wrote,



Vee Oh Eye Pee = OMG. If I get my hands on this I shall be most happy. Although it would be better on Vonage since they've got a contract with the Cloud that allows FREE access for vonage purposes.

Then again, every idiot and his cat have an open wifi network, so with a little disregard for the Computer Misuse Act I could acheive the same goal.

Oh speaking of such, it's reminded me of an incident in Toronto. I was assisting my mate Mark secure his wireless network and it turns out his neighbour had the exact same box, ssid and default passwords. I went in to "Marks" box and fiddled the settings and managed to lock myself out of it. So I tried a fixed network connection, no go. So I said "turn that bastard thing off" and he did. And yet "his" SSID was still broadcasting. Oops.

Then to make up for the fact I fiddled his neighbours box I changed Mark's SSID from default and locked out his neighbour at 1am. I bet he was well wound trying to download porn and not being able to. We LOLed.

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