Кевин (mmn) wrote,


My fucking camera was lifted at either Toronto Pearson or London God-Damn Gatwick, I just got the call back to my enquiry of if it was still in Toronto. So I can't claim but more importantly my fucking pictures are lost forever because some fucking scabby cunt decided his 18 benefits children needed a digertel kumrah. MAY YOU DIE WITH THAT CAMERA IN YOUR HANDS ASSHOLE AND MAY IT EMAIL ME THE PHOTOS AS YOU BURN IN HELL.

And because we're like 3 months down the road and I kind of failed to get any kind of insurance I'm shagged on this matter.

But at least to make up for MY SUPREME HATE OF HUMANITY I'll have enough money this month with the car sale and two lots of wages to buy a SE K800i. Universe open your ring piece, I'm going to fill you with my man fat.

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