Кевин (mmn) wrote,


1) I'm offically a tax evader. There was a slight mixup on my wages to the tune of £177. Mr. Gordon Brown can swivel on it (until next week when I promised to make a cheque out to my employer and pay back the owing amount).

2) Slightly concerned about my three bill. I did an early upgrade that comes in to effect on Tuesday, they also issued my bill today. Considering I haven't paid it yet it's showing as £0.00 owing! Although My 3 reads Since your last bill you've spent £139.08. considering that I just paid for the handset (at 50% discount) £138 earlier today it scares me what is up with this soon brewing £200 bill (incl line rental). Hopefully a credit will appear and resettle it all.

3) I've received no less than 3 calls from three "about your last bill" only to be told "oh I see you've paid it, sorry" in fact it's gone so far in the chain I've received a call from an Irish man which means I'm one more phone call away from a UK call centre.

4) I'm investing in a "fuel card" (read: prepaid Maestro) for £2 a month I get a non-chip and pin Maestro card which will be loaded with £200 for petrol (4 weeks @ £50 a week). I realise I could just open ANOTHER bank account, but two current accounts are slightly over the top already. But this dedicated for fuel card will ensure I don't spend that PRECIOUS OIL MONEY.

5) Bought David a gift. £20 worth of windscreen wipers for the Vitara (front and back) mostly because the old ones are beyond fucked. Although it means I've got to unscrew the spare tyre from the back properly fix the wiper and then put the tyre back on. Arse. But as a side effect I CAN SEE THROUGH THE WINDSCREEN when it makes the rainings.

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