Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Internet Offer, ACT NOW.

If you're unaware the Red Bull Air Race is occuring at Longleat in Backwater (Wiltshire) England on 2 September. I've purchased a ticket which entitles me to as many people as I can possibly fit in or on my car (legally of course).

Which means at my current compacity I have about 4 more seats available. If you are interested in coming along and are in, around, within a reasonable distance (20 miles or so) or can get to Chippenham (on a main London line) train station for around 7:30a-8:15a (poss 8:30a at latest) [even a number of National Express stops along the way], then you're more than welcome to come along.

Here is the basic low down on this deal:

- You can't have any severe allergies to dogs. I've transported 3 dogs in my car on numerous occasions, I'll vaccuum it but if you're hypersensitive and/or will die from it I'd rather not have to dump your body in a field somewhere.

- No monitary cost*. Honest 100%. I'm actually a nice guy, I don't want anything from it, I have the space therefore I shall give it away.

- We'll arrive early (8:30amish) and leave around 5pmish (possibly closer to 6/7 as the queue is massive on the way out).

- Ownership of a mobile is highly recommended, you don't have to spend every second with me/us if you don't feel like it so some kind of mobile telephone would be useful if you want to seek us in the crowd.

- No axe murdering. I won't kill you, you don't kill me. Fair deal for all involved.

- Finally, serious offers only. If you'd like to come and intend on coming unless something horribly goes wrong (and I won't accept loss of limb or life as we all know Tupac is dead but still is releasing albums year after year, so that shit won't cut it) then let me know.

Depending on general interest I'll either do it on first come or on a random basis (but I will try and accomodate a friend if you'd like to bring one).

My internet mail address is mail at kevin.la.

* - Obviously you will need to bring some dosh for food and beverage, unless you want to bring your own (although alcohol is strictly prohibited by the organisers of the event), but I'd advise against any crazy sized cool boxes, it's a fairly long walk down which makes for an even longer walk back up.

** - also according to the event rules leave your guns, drugs, laser pens, surafce to air missiles and other potentially deadly items at home, the car can be randomly searched by event security and I can't really stop them from doing it. Also, check the rules of entry on the website for futher clarity.

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