Кевин (mmn) wrote,

The people speak!

My local council is not going to see the humour in this.

complaint: My black wheelie bin hasn't been collected due to strike actions. Normally I can withstand such inconviences, however, since the bin has been sitting there for over a fortnight with some mouldy cheese and chicken bits, it's managed to evolve in to a new life form that IS TRYING TO KILL US ALL!

contacted-before: No

how-affected-by-council-actions: Minor inconvience due to the bin creature uprise and iron fisted approach to ruling our estate. Also, my mum has suffered from a mild case of fatal wounding attempting to escape from these creatures.

action_requested: Tame the bin creatures and intigrate them in to human society.... .... or bin genocide, which ever is most cost effective.

name: Mrs Martha Anderson
address: 3 Burton Road (off Burton Lane) Burton-upon-Burton Burtonshire
postcode: SN12 6AA
email: westsideaight@vxm.cc
daytime-telephone-number: 0870 471 2728

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