Кевин (mmn) wrote,

[LJ2ME] Back to the days of the old.

I've been having good thoughts about what i can do with the bbs when i move it to america. it's a good idea as i'll have loads of room for more echoes, usenet groups and email. as well as a tonne of useless bandwith to host a large old school file area. i'll also be looking to add some more doors so if you remember one from the good old days email me and i'll see if i can set it up on the new system. i'm quite hoping for this to go live by month end. then i can leave the internet behind and stay in a land of people with thought and idea. you should try it. on the current incarnation i've got both usenet and dove net feeds and you can tell the difference between the two worlds.
Tags: good bye internet, i e-suicide

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