Кевин (mmn) wrote,

One does not approve.

I've just bashed £14 out of the credit card to go and see Saw III in the Cinema on Saturday afternoon. Oddly enough it'll be a bit of an early start for me.

First I must awake which will be around 8am, then leave at around 9am and collect Mr. Boyzici at around 10:something and arrive at Cribs Causeway hopefully around 11, which will probably be the case since traffic is just a bastard with thanks from The Mall.

Although now that I've just typed this, I had a look at the RAC website, it says it's only 12 minutes from the abode of Mr. Boyzici. So not as early as expected.

See also: bored.

Also, LiveJournal this IS a valid UTF-8 Something or other, bitch.

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