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Cheerleader Cherie

Amusingly deadly.

It always amazes me that people can be so unbelievably thick.

Like this morning, on my usual 30 mile jaunt to work I've passed through varying amounts of fog but all of them had one thing incommon, you absolutely needed at minimum to have your dipped headlights and fog lights on or you had no chance.

This logic of course wasn't stopping anybody, 10 out of 20 couldn't be arsed to use their fog lights, but at least had the courtesy to use their lights. However, a further 5 couldn't be bothered to use their dipped headlights but at least opted for their side lights (not as if that was any use to anybody, but whatever). But shockingly around 3-4 people were so think they didn't even use any form of lights, amusingly there were also driving grey/silver cars and deserve to perish in a flaming car smash.

Why do people think "oh it's a bit foggy I think I'll make myself blend in to the background"? Seriously, download the common sense patch or have the decency to do something stupid and get off the planet.

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common sense seems to get lost way to often

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