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Vagina Science!

Get a job you hippy.

A beautiful blue eyed boy working for Exodus who's interests include:

    * books,
    * christianity,
    * disney,
    * drama,
    * exgay,
    * fitness,
    * food,
    * gay,
    * lgbt,
    * movies,
    * poetry,
    * prison break,
    * star wars,
    * theatre,
    * theme parks,
    * writing

I like the style of the far right. Start a blog with a chappie who makes other chappies blow their stack and go on about EX-GAYDOM FREE YOURSELF FROM TEH GHEY! Could you make your JESUS-trolling even more obvious?

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He is hot

I didnt know you were a twinky fan

He's the exception to the rule, those photoshop eyes are fantastic.

im sure he doesnt exist.

he is just an exotic piece of cheese on the mousetrap of evangelism

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