Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Woman, drop the gun.

Clicking around my Yahoo! Ireland! Mail! Which! Cost! Me! Twelve! Quid! For! The! Year! Buthasn'tfuckingwellupgradedto1GBandisbloodywellstillbroken! I found "Stationary - a benefit of your premium subscription". Much like my missing gigabyte of storage space there is nowt there.

Oh well.

Anyways, in other news we've acquired a hire van parking at the side of the house. This isn't normally a problem since it isn't double yellowed or anything, but it's just an annoyance AS IT'S FUCKING MASSIVE and kind of blocks the road (and the neighbours from right across from leaving their drive). We don't know who is responsible for it, but I might leave a pipe bomb in it tomorrow morning (I was never one to mince my words, I feel the direct approach is always best).

I also haven't receive my insurance documentation, which is a bit worrying as I'm being charged a mystical sum (I think 1.08p/mile) but I can't be sure if they don't send me the fucking certificates. I may also send a pipe bomb with December's payment (and lets face it, if it blows up in the sorting office I still make some kind of point to somebody).

While I'm at it, anybody have a need for a pipe bomb? I get them on discount if I order in apocalyptic quantities.

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