Кевин (mmn) wrote,

In other news....

I'm going to subscribe to VersaForward (www.versaforward.com) to collect my Yahoo! Mail and pass it along to my gmail account.

Why this complex operation you ask? Well the NEW AND IMPROVED BUT MOSTLY NEW Gmail client for mobiles (visit gmail.com/app on your mobile to download) work's with 3's Mobile Web 30, where as collecting and sending email as my Yahoo! account on 3mail.com doesn't work any more since they force it to come from your 3Mail account.

So by getting VersaForward to grab a copy (leaving it on Yahoo! so I can still use the Yahoo! Mail interface) and sending it to my gmail which I have by default to send as my yahoo account I can collect and reply to my email on my mbile as well as keeping the goodness of Yahoo!

Granted I'll have two copies and my sent items won't synchronise properly, but whatever. Gmail has nearly 3GB of space so I don't need to worry and who ever checks their sent mail folder? Certainly not I!

Hopefully they won't notice I did a trial with them earlier....

But HEY, whatevar.

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