Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I psychic babies!

As some of you might be aware myself and boyzici had a "soft launch" of ljseance but since you are all bastards and didn't FEED MY VOICEMAIL I'm afraid I had to unleash it to the masses. Sorry.

But I shall fill you in on the score.

I'm going to create a video podcast called Psychic Connections which will be feed to your ipod, itunes, generic podcast receiving unit and uploaded to Seven Online, I shall be masquerading as Madame Asbolynda Shalontra LaRue Kontiquah Jackson and I will be doing my psychics on a live telephone call, so more messages = more content.

At the minute I'm restrained by the financials and also the lack of stock at FancyDress.com of this attire:

So if you see one online LET ME KNOW.

If anybody has a purpose to be cruel to others PLEASE by GOD'S NAME spread the psychic hotline number of 0117 911 8747. It's a Bristol number so you HAVEN'T ANY EXCUSE NOT TO.

Or contact my pubic[sic] relations agency The Flying Nun (web site to be changed laters).

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