Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Lesbianism, it's all about the vajay-jay.

Oh, look it be sunday at 15:49. I think I should get on with churning out todays podcast video (which only about 3 people seem to be watching, but ho-hum*).

As madsquirrels.com is coming up for renewal I've decided I have to do something with it to actually be able to justify spending €10 to keep it going. So I've created a blog called 1337 Electric Avenue (much like my L-jay-jay) which will superseed the LJ as I have more freedom to design it. This doesn't mean I won't post and interact on LJ (as I post to a group of email addresses from my Yahoo! Mail!), it just means madsquirrels.com will be where I'm trying to re-focus the traffic to.

There is also a development in my Psychic Connections hotline and also there is somebody on my friends list who's street cred has hit an unbelievable high for having such a cruel and vocal view on others that rivals my own. They know who they are and they know how proud I am of them kicking people while their down, good show! (also while you're smashing their face in be sure to rub it in and call them "ugly smashed in face"). Unfortunately, unless this individual chooses to tell you their identity then I'm afraid it will go to the grave with me. Sorry that's life (or death as the case may be).

I also appear to have a denist appointment next monday (27th) morning. Oh joy.

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