Кевин (mmn) wrote,

[1337 Electric Avenue] I'll rural you.

I hath decided I want to move, some of you might have seen my LJ ZOMG FIREINDZ ORNLEE!!!11 post about it.

Obviously not in the most strong financial position but hey, you live only once. So I'm looking Bristol area (I'm priced out of Ciren/Swindon) but Bristol has got the trains and Swindon has the buses to Ciren, so even if I chose not to drive to work I still have a way in.

I'm looking for a flat share somewhere slightly central and with parking (do you know how much of a problem it is to find a place with off or on street parking?!?!) for around £200-£300 a month (inc utilities - hopefully!).

If you know of somewhere please let me know: 07734 653887 or use the email form on the right hand bar (down the below area on MadSquirrels.eu).

Posted by Kevin to 1337 Electric Avenue at 11/26/2006 02:08:00 AM

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