Кевин (mmn) wrote,

With good comes bad.

Today I have good news and bad news.

I shall begin with a list of some kind to stress my point of the good-bad balance.

Good: I got paid today.
Bad: It now means FUCKING EXPENSIVE JANURARY is now two weeks longer.

Bad: I needed to find a dinner jacket really fucking quick like.
Good: I did and it only cost me £35 for the entire weekend.

Good: Found a car stereo for £50 at Halfords and it's decent.
Bad: Only the drivers side speaker works (I suspect probably since TrafficMaster hijacked the passenger side one, rightly assuming I'd never buy a radio for the car) and I haven't got an aerial.
Slightly Better: I do receive Radio 4.
Even better: It has line in connectors, so I shall be connecting my iPod instead of having to burn all my podcasts/music downloads to CD.
Worse: Since the wanky cabling has been hoisted out once or thrice in the past it means the radio won't go in to the dash properly until I carefully slide it back down to where it belongs and lock in the thing properly, although it (hopefully) won't slide out in the meantime.

FECKING BRILLIANT: TrafficMaster have activated my SafeSpeed subscription which means I can BOMB down the Motorway and on rural Welsh roads with style and glee, ok maybe not, but it's useful to have on those unfair 'hidden behind the trees along with the change of speed limit sign' cameras, although the warning sound is a pearcing noise that will make your eyes bleed unless you SLOW DOWN.

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