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Cheerleader Cherie

[Repent Heathen!] Jesus is a bit hammered.

At this crazy capitalist filth time of year we should be remembering
that Jesus was born in a rather bizarre tale of immaculate conceptions
with other world beings (but lets face it we all know that Mary was
putting it about a bit, the harlot).Speaking of harlots, I found this
image rather amusing, who said the church had no humour. It's Jesus,
yeah, and a bloke off his tits on the roofies J-Dawg put in to his
drink. AOLOL!Anyways, today is feeling like a saturday and this is
annoying me as I'm in work. I really can't get in the flow of things
since it's like the weekend in my head and I should be at home walking
about in the nude, or possibly just my pants, depending on how much I
want to make the neighbours feel uncomfortable.Oh this is becoming
tiresome, I can't think of what I was going to write. I just wish to be
at home as I'm not going to be able to put up with this much longer as
I'm in Saturday mode and this is totally a Friday.:o(