Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: Some happy, some not so happy.

I've got good news and bad news, but mostly bad news.

I've been looking at serious cost cuttings from my now non-existant money flow and I've decided I need to get rid of Grimnir, unless those using it would like to make some kind of contribution to it's funding.

Currently I spend something like €60 for rental and £20 for cPanel a month and to be honest Grimnir is starting to get used less and less by me as my requirements have changed since I first got it.

There are three options here, either I can set-up re-occuring PayPal payments to pay in to a Grimnir fund, I don't mind paying for some of Grimnir it's just I can't now afford to subsidize it completely.  We can see if your site can be moved across to the BBS server (which is significantly less expensive, although geographically based in the US) BUT this is not an acceptable choice for most as there are a string of technical problems this could cause.  Or you'll need to make arrangements elsewhere.

This is really a shit thing I have to do but I'm stuck in a corner that I can't really work around at the moment.  I enjoy hosting peoples sites and working on them, I enjoy Grimnir being there as a communal resource but the sad fact is, as with most things, money talks and I don't have the funding that I did to host this venture as I did in the past.

But I'm hoping that some kind of contributions can be sorted instead of a shutdown.

To send some money, you'll need to use either PayPal or NoChex:

NoChex is prefered for UK users as they charge less than paypal, but there is no reoccuring payment feature, so you'll need to go back every so often: https://secure.nochex.com/

Or to paypal login and send and based on the sent amount I'll email you with a link for a reocurring payment.

for both payment mehtods my email address is payments@madsquirrels.com.  Also if you know of other people looking for decent hosting send them my way I'll happyily sort them out and it also means a larger userbase to assist in the maintenance of Grimnir.

Originally posted on monkeybox.vox.com


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